Cost Effective Casino Games

Cost Effective Casino Games

During hard times we still try to get as much entertainment time as we can.   With less money to spend, we are forced to cut down our spending on luxuries; less time in the pub, fewer new clothes, fewer meals in nice restaurants etc.   Even the online gambler is cutting down on playing or at least trying to get as much as he can for his money.   This does not mean we have to give up our hobbies up completely!
As a regular online casino player and given the tough financial times that we are facing, I wanted to know which of the online casino games would give value for money; slots, cards, table or other games.

The cheapest games to play in an online casino with Playtech software are the card games. You can play a single hand of blackjack, poker and baccarat for as little as 0. 01¢ and play for several hands for less than a euro, pound or dollar.   This is great value!   Deposit 20 bucks and you can have several hours playing your favorite card games.

Slots and video poker are the next cheapest games to play, if you only play single lines.

Even on multi-line slot machines there is an option to play a variation of lines.   Choose 1 line or 25 lines but beware that the more lines you play the more expensive it gets, although you can win more.   So, for as little as 0. 05¢ you can play slots and video poker.

Arcade games are accessible for as little as 0. 10¢ and can keep you entertained for hours whereas the most expensive casino game to play is the table game roulette.   A minimum of $1. 00 is needed for a spin at roulette, granted you will win more and the different odds can play in your favor if you play safely.

So, we have found out which of the online casino games is cheapest to play but this does not mean it is the most cost effective game to play.   While betting 0. 01¢ on blackjack or poker it will take you years to build up a small bankroll but you can have a lot of fun in the process.
Video poker and arcade games are the same as card games in that you will experience lots of fun but it will take forever to become rich.   Some slots games are like this too.

The most value for money, I found were the online video slots in the shape of bonus slot games.   These slots have many different symbols that open up bonus spins and bonus rounds where you have to use luck or skill to increase your prize fund.

Having played on each game for a period of 2 minutes I was better off playing the bonus slots.   A massive $23 profit, thanks to the bonus round, for my stake of $1. 40 – a good day at the slots.

My deposit for this exercise was $20 and my total balance after the exercise was $38. 35 which is a nice profit of $18. 35 for placing the minimum bet on several casino games.   All this in one hour of play.

This just goes to show how much fun you can have in an online casino for as little as $20 especially in this economical decline.   After all it is about the entertainment and not trying to get rich over-night, right?