Online betting tips for poker beginners and experts alike

Online betting tips for poker beginners and experts alike

Here are some of the most frequently encountered mistakes made by beginners in No Limit Texas Hold ‘em and how to avoid them. Avoiding these mistakes will not only buffer your bankroll, but will also prevent you from exposing yourself as a beginner to more experienced poker players.

#1 Marrying Hole Cards

If you get dealt a big pair or high suited connectors pre-flop, don’t assume that winning the subsequent hand is a given. You need to pay attention to what comes up on the board and how other players respond to community cards.
There are any number of hands that can beat high pairs, and many beginners are routinely beaten by these. Thinking you have some sort of divine right to win a hand because you have pocket aces is the surest way to run into a bad beat. Learn to fold.

#2 Failure to Fold

Winning hands is only one half of a winning poker strategy. The other half is minimising losses and leads on from mistake #1.
If you think you’re beaten despite the fact that you’re holding good hole cards you should fold them.
The only thing worse than losing with a strong starting hand is paying someone your entire stack to prove to you that you’ve been soundly beaten.

#3 Missing the Nuts

Many beginners get so excited when they get dealt a strong hand pre-flop that they cease paying adequate attention to what is transpiring on the board. Two hands to always keep an eye out for are flushes and straights, either of which will win a hand 9 times out of 10.
To avoid failing to detect flushes go to your poker provider’s options menu and select a multi-colour deck – you’ll never miss another flush again.

#4 Showing Cards

The primary aim of any good poker strategy is to render your opponents incapable of reading your plays. Showing your cards after winning a hand amounts to giving your opponents free information on your personality and play. Keep your cards close to your chest and force your opponents to work hard to figure out your style of play.

#5 High Stakes

While the idea of raking in the cash in high stakes online tournaments or cash games is attractive, its also totally unrealistic for a beginner. Stakes levels tend to correlate with experience levels, and unless you want to find yourself being eaten alive by experienced players without learning much in the process, you’ll want to confine your play to low stakes tournaments and cash games where you’ll have far more opportunities to develop your poker skills at less expense.

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