Basic Rules of Poker Etiquette

Basic Rules of Poker Etiquette

No one wants to play with people who are rowdy, unpleasant or behaving like complete jerks. There will be times when stakes are high and you are tempted to do something uncouth, sometimes even unintentionally, but don’t give in; winning with class is a sweeter victory always. The following are some poker etiquette rules that should be followed and some poker tells need require to follow for perfect poker play:
Swearing, Cursing and Abusing – It’s not nice to be mean to people anywhere and the same rule applies to online poker. Abusing the dealer or the player, swearing and cursing should be avoided.

Playing Slowly – It is unpleasant and frustrating if you have to wait forever for other players to make their move. Some people use this as a delaying tactic to unnerve the other players but only manage to make the game longer and boring.

Splashing the Pot – Do not throw you chips into the pot so that no one can see the bet you are making, Stack neatly and call you bet out clearly.

Wait for your turn – Refrain from a betting action like folding your hand, until the action comes to you. This gives information to people before it is their turn to act.

String bets – This is another poor etiquette tactic to emit a response from the opponent.

Take only the amount of chips that you intend on betting and not more than that. Place them in one action, don’t string out the bet.

Hitting on the Other Players – No matter how hot the players are at the table, please refrain from hitting on them. It could unsettle some of the advanced players and create a bit of furore. Wait till after you have finished the game to say or do anything.

No Comments during a Hand – It’s not appropriate to make comments about possible hands being played. This can give unfair advice to less seasoned players. This is especially true when talking about your hand or the cards you just threw.

Intentionally Avoiding Blinds – It is not appropriate to leave the table intentionally when it is your turn to bet. Some players use this tactic to avoid an unfavourable betting position.